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Mr. Vishnu Narain Saxena

New Delhi, India

I am Vishnu Narain Saxena and my wife Priyanka was admitted in your hospital on 3rd of Jan for a Laproscopic surgery (My wife was under consultation from Dr. Neha Khandelwal). I would be honest i was not in favor of famous copy omega constellation watches getting my wife treated in your hospital (i was being pushed by my

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mother Mrs Nirmal Saxena who is a very old patient of your mother respected Dr. Kavita Sama, in fact i came in this world by hands of her). when i first met Dr. Neha a lot of apprehensions were there in my mind as i was expecting some experienced doctor like Dr. Kavita Sama mam. And as you know in this medical world there are lot of people who just want to mint money (My humble apologies for this), so we under went a lots of different tests, ultrasounds & yet some how i was not convinced that we were in good hands. But still as my mother has deep faith in Dr. Kavta sama mam I got my wife admitted in your hospital. Since then its a completely different story. I never felt even for a single moment that i am not at home, my wife never felt that she is admitted in hospital or there is a surgery to be performed. Dr. Sethi was some one who was a father figure for us he although didnt performed surgery him self but his way of treating patients was out of world, the comfort Dr. Neha gave us is remarkable she was always approachable & never made us worry instead she boosted our confidence so much that we never realized the complexities of the procedure.

Many many thanks to Dr. Neha for her help, patience & treating my wife.

To make the experience heavenly Saroj Mam & Vijay, Manjeet mam, Sisters on floor 1 were always there.

I would like to say a special thanks to Saroj & Vijay who had extended their days to help us, they did a wonderful work with UHC to get us almost the full reimbursement, wherein today morning it was looking like that we may only get half of what we were promised by insurance company. Saroj & Vijay had gone out of the way to help us and get our trouble sorted, they took a lot of pain for us and uk fake omega de ville watches took out of box initiatives in the process.

I would recommend Sama Hospital to any one who wants to get well without being worried about their illnesses as the team in this hospital is the best in Delhi where you feel at home & get cured.

With my heartfelt thanks & gratitude

Best Regards.


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