Total Knee Replacement Surgery

    What is Total Knee Replacement?

    Knee arthroplasty, also known as knee replacement, helps relieve pain and restore function in severe knee joints disease. The procedure includes cutting off the damaged bone and eliminating the cartilage from the thighbone, kneecap, or shinbone and then replacing them with a prosthesis (joint) made of high-grade plastics, metal alloys, and polymers.
    An orthopedic surgeon is suitable for suggesting whether you need a knee replacement by analyzing your knee strength, stability, and range of motion. X-rays help in determining the extent of the damage. Your doctor will select surgical techniques considering your knee size and shape, age, activity level, weight, and overall health.

    Why Total Knee Replacement Surgery?

    Surgery is the only solution because:
    Physiotherapy alone is less effective
    IFT, Ultrasound etc. Provide temporary comfort.
    Short term relief from Ayurveda & Massages
    Surgery results in smooth knee movement
    Stages of Knee Osteoarthritis
    Stages of Injury
    Stage 1: Joint space narrowing
    Stage 2: Formation of cysts due to which narrowing of joint space increases, which results difficulty in walking.
    Stage 3: Large cysts due to which joint space decreases which result in bone damage; bowing of legs
    Stage 4: Now the space between the bones is very less- the cartilage is almost gone leaving the joint stiff and difficulty in movement.
    Benefits of Knee replacement:
    Get rid of suffering and irritation
    Relief from inflammation, stiffness and redness of knee
    Can sit crossed legs
    After surgery you can do walking, cycling & more.
    Get rid of bed and leg support

    Types of Implants:

    What is the cost of Surgery?
    Cost of surgery depends on the following factors
    The procedure performed and the technology used
    Type of implant used in knee surgery
    Any additional surgery required
    After clinical diagnosis by our best doctors, cost estimation can be provided
    Recovery Stages

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      Yes, many health insurances cover total knee replacement surgery

      You can start walking from the very next day and in 4-8 weeks after the surgery, one can return to enjoy their normal life

      At Sama Hospital, our doctor will suggest you some exercises which you can do at home. And you need not to pay for a physiotherapist.

      3 months after the surgery you can go running, cycling, and play low impacts sports. But returning to contact sports can lead to faster wear of the joint

      Implants having a very high life span of more than 40 years are Uncemented implants.

      Yes, implants are used in surgery.



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