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Your Guide to planning a visit to India for medical treatment

Getting treated in a foreign country away from your home and loved ones can sometimes turn out to be an experience which exhaust you to the core in terms of physical movement and emotional mindset. It also makes you worried about the procedures and the paperwork you need to take care of in case of being a medical tourist. Our International patient department at Sama Hospital ensure that your experience of getting treated in a foreign country is not only convenient but also healthy and you return your home country as soon as possible in high spirits.

You should keep in mind some basic steps which would guide you through the process of medical tourism and ensure a safe healing experience, that are as follows:

Step One: Learn about our facilities

We aim to educate our patients to the maximum level about our hospital, doctors and range of services with the help of this website. We also wish to answer all your doubts regarding your choice of hospital and why should you choose Sama Hospital as your medical destination in India. Before taking a decision, take your own time, to study more about us and our services and facilities, so you can be assured that you receive what you are seeking.

Step two: Select your Doctor

Choose from our well qualified and experienced team of doctors at Sama Hospital with the help of the Find a Doctor section of the website which make sure that you are going in the right hands for treatment and recovery. We offer multispeciality facilities in our hospital and request you to submit your information before hand through the website so we can refer your case to one of the leading doctors among our team to take care of your health and provide you world class treatment.

Step Three: Give us time to respond

Sama Hospital provides you the maximum possible support and aims to answer all your queries in about 48 hours. Our response include an advice on medical procedure and also a quote about the treatment cost with us, which would be based on the nature of medical help required by you. Our doctors can also communicate to you directly if they wish to see more recent reports or wish to get more information about your case.

Step four: Arrange for travelling to India

If this is the first time you are travelling abroad for medical purposes, make sure that you are well prepared and keep in mind the following things to ensure ease and convenience in your journey:

  • First of all, you should consult your doctor if you are fit to travel overseas in the current medical condition.
  • Inform your local doctor beforehand about your plans to be treated abroad so that you can rest assured about follow up treatment in your country.
  • You must keep in mind that the hospital you select for treatment in a foreign country is properly accredited and have world class services and facilities in addition to state-of-the-art infrastructure and facilities to serve you better.
  • Be sure to check the credentials of the doctor whom you are referred to.
  • Get proper information about the procedure, follow up care needed, and time required for recovery, physical therapy required etc. before planning to get treated abroad. Also keep in mind your expectations from the medical treatment and how successful a foreign location or hospital can be in fulfilling your expectations from a treatment or surgery.
  • You should keep this clear in mind that the final decision to provide you treatment, rests with the doctor, who only would be able to give you an advice after meeting you in person and examining your health. It is possible that a doctor may decide that you are not fit for treatment or refer you elsewhere.
  • You should carry certain documents always with you while travelling abroad and should make sure you have multiple copies of the same in addition to having originals safe with you while you travel to another country.
  • You should not forget to carry your medical records which can include X-Ray’s, MRI’s, Health History, photographs, immunization records, prescriptions and other health records in addition to medical reports and medicines administered to you with your luggage.
  • You will need a passport and visa for you and your companion before leaving your country to travel overseas for medical treatment. Visa laws differ from country to country and get relevant information about visa beforehand to avoid any problems in foreign country.
  • You should also carry some local currency in addition to credit and debit cards, travelers’ cheque to ensure ease of transacting in a foreign country.
  • One should also ensure that he/she has a valid proof of identity before leaving for a foreign country and should make sure it remains valid throughout his/her stay in a foreign land.

Step Five: Staying in India

We, at Sama Hospitals make sure that our patients and their loved ones do not suffer any trouble and make sure to organize one’s stay in a hotel or guest house as per his budget and convenience prior and post to one’s treatment.

Step Six: Points to remember while at hospital

  • Get Yourself Registered at hospital: Be sure to produce your passport at the registration counter of the hospital so that the hospital can maintain a copy of your passport ( Photo and Visa Page) in the hospital records. This procedure is mandatory as per the guidelines of the Government of India for medical tourists.
  • Visa: If you have a Medical Visa, and are travelling India, you are required to register yourself at the Foreigners Regional Registration Office within 14 days of your arrival in the country. The prescribed format for the above is available within the hospital at the International Patients Service Desk. If the patient if from either Pakistan or Bangladesh, he/she is required to register himself/herself within 24 hours of arrival with the nearest Police Station or Commissioner’s Office. For more info regarding the procedure, kindly refer to Visa/Transit Document.
  • International Insurance: Our hospital, in the stride to offer convenience and ease to our patients and their families, work with the different International Insurance providers whose list is available at the International Patients Service Desk/ Admission Counter. We offer cashless treatment facility in association with these international insurers and regret of not being able to process any other foreign insurance cover for cashless treatment. The International insurance is valid only for the Inpatient procedures which requires more than 48 hours of hospitalization subject to the approval of insurer. A deposit amount is required to be paid at the time of admission of the patient based on the room category which is refunded once our hospital receives payment authorization from your insurer for the due amount. If it takes more than 48 hours for your insurer to process your payment, then you are requested to settle the hospital bill which you can get reimbursed by claiming it from your insurance provider.
  • Payments: We accept payments in the form of hard cash and accept all major credit cards like VISA, MASTER CARD, AMEX & CIRRUS. We also accept Travelers cheques for bill settlement in addition to support for the following currencies for our in-patient services: USD, CAD, Euro, Pound Sterling, Omani Riyal, UAE Dirham, Kuwait Dinar, Saudi Riyal, Singapore Dollars etc. We also provide a payment gateway on our website for select locations across the globe.

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