It’s Time to Learn Facts about Depression and its Effects

It’s Time to Learn Facts about Depression and its Effects

Depression is one of the common but not a simple problem. If not taken care on time, it can be serious for the patient later on. Various methods are available to cure depression completely like psychotherapy and antidepressants. Activities of Patient suffering from depression should not be taken lightly. 

What is Depression?

Everyone among us, feels sad at some point of our life. After some time, we get normal and feel happy. A person under depression feels this sadness for a long time, which affects his health adversely. Depression is termed as a serious illness which should be treated well, unless it will impact the daily life of the affected person. As it’s a common problem found in many people, most of them get cured of depression with the help of proper medication and psychotherapies.

Common symptoms of depression:

  • The mood remains depressed most of the time, especially in the morning. 
  • Feels like fatigue or energyless throughout the day
  • Have a feeling of guilt every day 
  • A person is not able to concentrate properly
  • Not interested in any type of work or even fun activity
  • Recurring suicide thoughts

The most important sign of checking depression of any person is loss of interest in those activities which he used to enjoy all time. For proper diagnose of depression, the affected person should be monitored daily, if symptoms persist for many days,  then he should be treated for depression

Warning sign of Suicide:

Depression can make the person to attempt for suicide. If anyone expresses depression from his behavior and talks about suicide, no one should take it lightly. Try to call your mental health professional as soon as possible. 

Previous attempts of suicide increase the chances of future attempts. All activities of the depressed person should be monitored carefully to avoid any type of suicide attempt. 

Effects of untreated depression 

If Treatment for depression is done on time, chances of suicide will be completely minimized. Whereas if the person left untreated, he will be at high risk of serious problems. Untreated person not only faces problems at work, but also ruins his relationships. 

Clinical depression is a type of depression, which involves illness of mood, body and thoughts. Various types of depression treatments are preferred around the world, among which psychotherapy and antidepressants are mostly used. 

How can untreated depression affects the physical health?

Various studies on depression have shown that depression affects badly on physical health. People who are already undergoing a disease, take much more time to cure due to depression. Studies found that patients having major depression are at high risk of getting heart attack in the first few months. 

Depression also affects the sleeping pattern. A problem named as insomnia (difficulty in getting sleep) is seen in the patients of depression. Due to lack of sleep, a person will feel tiredness, difficulty in making decisions and low on energy. Some people suffering from depression also face increased sleeping, which is also one of the symptoms.

Frequent weight loss or gain is observed in untreated depression patients. Proper treatment helps the patient to control these depression symptoms.